About Us


Our vision is to become the leaders in the courier industry by creating exceptional service driven systems at beneficial prices to our clients and by mitigating any risk involved to ensure that your parcel is delivered on time.


Our mission is to be the leaders in customer service and delivery; as we believe that communication is just as important as delivery. We believe in providing reliable and credible information and communication through our dedication and commitment to all our valued customers.


Gavic Express was established in 1998 by Gary and Vickie Almeida with the sole purpose of providing courier to courier services, after identifying the need for courier to courier services in the market,

Gary Almeida has managed to grow Gavic Express from strength to strength. We have achieved this by sharing our customers’ goals and pressures and by working in a uniquely adaptable way towards our client’s needs. With a continuously growing customer base, Gavic Express prides itself on providing our clients’ with passionate personalised service and value for money.

By offering a courier to courier service within the wholesale market, Gavic Express, through our branch network in Limpopo, Mpumalanga Highveld and Lowveld, Vaal Triangle and North West have managed to maintain our level of service by making sure that our clients parcels are delivered on time, every time. With an extensive regional network, our experienced staff are able to handle the complexities and logistics of courier to courier services. Based on the needs of current and new clients, Gavic Express is expanding to new and surrounding areas thereby strengthening our current client base in order to provide better service to our highly valued clients.

Flexibility and responsiveness are the hallmarks in our approach to customer service. We continuously focus on delivering the best service and upholding our standards of quality. Our commitment to understanding our clients’ needs allows us to be responsive in the delivery of our clients’ promises.

Our Location

From break bulk loads to overnight in-city deliveries, Gavic Express will make sure that your parcel is taken care of

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